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    The Omnichannel Order Management System
    A single SAAS platform bridging the gaps
    to allow the omnichannel experience
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    True Omnichannel
    We believe in a true omnichannel experience
    Browse, reserve, buy or return
    products across any channel
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    Omnium OMS
    Bridging the gaps to provide true omnichannel

Omnium enables retailers to deliver an omnichannel experience to their customers. With an ease-of-use SAAS solution we help businesses connect the dots between systems such as ERP, CRM, POS, PIM and e-commerce. No expensive integrations, one place to handle all your orders (both online and offline), instant updated inventory and a lot more.

Click and Collect

Out-of-the-box features for buy online - pick up in store. Ready to use with your e-commerce solutions.


Ready-to-use integrations with e-commerce, ERP, CRM, Payment, Shipping.


Provide real-time inventory to your e-commerce solution, POS system or customer service department.

Order management

Update order status, handle returns, register shipping or payment. All in one solution.

Customer Focus

Byggmakker is one of the leading operators in the building and home improvement trade in Norway. It offers a network of 72 stores covering the entire country and a very strong B2B expertise. For phase one of the project we have integrated Episerver (e-commerce), EG (POS) and Boostcom (customer loyalty) to Omnium, giving Byggmakker one platform for handling all orders from all channels. This will also make the management of BOPIS (Buy Online Pickup In Store) easier for the stores and customers can find all their receipts, both online and from physical stores, on Byggmakker's website.

What is an OMS and why did we make one?

After spending many years digitizing retailers and businesses, we realized that there is a big gap between what retailers needed and what the leading software companies could offer

Back in 2015 our CEO held a presentation to the leading retailers in Norway, and no one in the audience felt they were offering an omnichannel experience to their customers. How could that be? Well, there are many reasons for this, but some significant similarities were:

Data connectivity

ERP, CRM, POS, E-commerce, PIM etc. do not speak together.

E-commerce platforms

Even modern e-commerce platforms do not provide good solutions for handling orders.


Who is responsible for the various integrations, and who is responsible when one of the systems are upgraded? This is a money drain to look out for.

Franchise stores

Retailers with franchisees often meet concerned store owners afraid of loosing revenue to online channels.


The lack of live updated inventory for all stores and warehouses.

So we created Omnium, a single SAAS platform connecting the dots and bridging the gaps to the omnichannel experience.

We Provide True Omnichannel

With omnium OMS

Click and Collect

Let your customers find, reserve or buy your products online, and pick up in their nearest store.

Ship from store

Buy online, and get the order shipped from one of the physical stores.

Ship to store

Buy online when product is in stock in another store, and have it delivered to his closest.

My page

Let your e-commerce site fetch all customer data from the Omnichannel OMS. View receipts from POS, register claims, or request personal data.

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The Perfect Customer Journey

See how Omnium OMS will improve your customer journey in every step in every channel.

What if you could keep in touch with a customer that visited you in one of your physical stores? What if you knew your customers preferences already the first time he walks into your store? What if you could provide an existing customer relevant product recommendations when he returns to your site? Omnium OMS solves all these issues.

  • Awareness

    Browsing for information

    Your customer gets interested

    Make sure the user sees the most relevant information. Give product recommendation to your visitors, hot products right now, and more. OMS is keeping track of all your customers carts, wish lists, order history, etc, and knows your customers preferences. Higher relevance means higher sales.

  • Interest

    Personal help

    Never lose the customer when he walks out

    Seeking personal information in a physical store, your store assistant can help the customer find what he needs. But what if the customer is not ready to buy yet? An OMS will let you create a cart or a wish list that the customer can take home. Send reminders for abandoned offers, to increase sales.

  • Selecting products

    Building the cart

    The customer alters the cart at home

    Let the customer continue on a cart from the physical store. All carts and wish lists from all channels are available from the OMS. The customer can add or remove items from the cart.

  • Evaluation

    Customer Service

    When the store is closed

    Online chat, on the phone, or through e-mail. The customer reaches out to get help finding the right products. Customer service have access to the cart, and the offer he has been given in the physical store through the OMS. The can add more products, or remove products the customer does not want.

  • Decision

    Placing the order

    In any channel

    When the customer has decided on what to buy, the order will be placed, and sent to the OMS. No matter if you have an e-commerce platform that will create the orders, or if they are placed in the PoS-system in the physical store, all orders will be available in the OMS.

  • Payment

    Handle payments

    In any channel

    Pay an offer from a physical store online, or pay an online order when picking up in store. The OMS will make sure the payment is registered and handled.

  • Returns

    Handle returns

    The customer can change his mind

    Returns have a high cost. Make sure the customer can return an online order in the physical store, or register request for sending back a product not needed. The OMS can deliver the receipt through the e-commerce solution.

Omnium OMS is developed with a cloud-first architecture in .Net Core and hosted in Microsoft Azure to provide a reliable, scalable and secure service. Combined with the power of Elasticsearch and the reliability of Azure Service Bus, our solution handles complex data analytics, comprehensive reporting, swift data flows and scales to handle huge amounts of data.
Per Magne Skuseth, CTO

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